Organic Rose Food (pouch)

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Based on a traditional formula, Organic Rose Food contains the three major plants foods – nitrogen, phosphate and potash. Mixed together with natural magnesium to achieve healthy green leaves and abundant blooms, Organic Rose Food is a favourite amongst both rose and organic gardeners. Organic Rose Food: Made from poultry manure and enriched with potash derived from sugar beet Provides a slow release of nutrients 100% organic. Full of natural goodness, Organic Rose Food helps to improve the structure of the soil and allows the nutrients to be released slowly, giving an abundance of blooms throughout the growing season. Organic Rose Food can be used for both new and established roses. If using with new roses, mix the rose food with the soil prior to planting. For more established roses, apply Organic Rose Food evenly around the base of the plant in early spring, but keep granules off the leaves and stems. Repeat in early June.

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