Bayer Multirose Concentrate 100ml

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Spray at first sign of disease/insects and repeat at 10-21 day intervals. Repeat applications are needed for optimum disease control when conditions favour prolonged disease development. On roses in bad Black Spot or Rust areas apply an initial spray when leaves emerge in spring and repeat 10 days later. Do not use in bright sunshine or when plants are dry at the roots. The best time to spray is early morning or late evening. Multirose Concentrate provides useful control of Black Spot, Mildew, Rust and the control of Blackfly, Greenfly and caterpillars on roses and ornamental garden plants. For use indoors and outdoors. Do not use on young seedlings or transplants until established. Plant sensitivity can vary. Whenever possible, treat a small area of the plant first to establish safety and check in a few days. Delicate plants, or those grown in greenhouses may show slight stunting or colour changes.

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