Vitafeed Flower & Fruit Feed Soluble Feed

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Vitafeed Flower and Fruit Feed is soluble and perfect for gardeners looking for stronger plants and brighter flowers. A high potash feed, it helps to ripen tomatoes, onions, pumpkins and other vegetables. Vitafeed Flower and Fruit Feed: Can be used throughout the garden to encourage flowering plants Frequently used for hanging baskets, planters and tubs Applied using a watering can or hose-end dilutor For best results start using from planting out unless a slow release fertiliser has been added, in which case feeding should be delayed for four to five weeks. Vitafeed Fruit and Flower Feed can be used weekly or as a feed each time you water. If stored correctly, Vitafeed Flower and Fruit Feed will keep indefinitely and should be put away in a cool, dry place. Vitafeed Flower and Fruit Feed is part of the specialist Vitafeed range.

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